How To Choose a Day Spa in Newcastle NSW

by Michele Monaghan on December 17, 2009

The perfect day spa experience goes beyond treating tired and stressed skin. It’s that wonderful feeling of reduced tension, it’s the natural therapeutic  aromas that warm your senses. It’s an oasis away from the daily grind of our every day life.

So how do you find a day spa, especially here in Newcastle NSW?

Well, with a bit of legwork you can find a day spa offering the benefits of relaxation, health and peace of mind. Choose a day spa that excels in the areas of fair price, considerate caring staff, effective products and well equipped pleasant facilities.

If it is a day of pampering that you require, find a day spa and treatment that suits your budget . Search for a day spa that promotes a package, an all-inclusive price for a range of pampering treatments. Here’s where you will receive the best value rather than trying to choose a series of treatments from an expansive service brochure.

You’ll expect to pay more for specialized and highly technical services.  Many day spa’s now offer skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments to clear up skin problem areas and reduce the signs of ageing. You’ll need to do your homework for these treatments to ensure that the results you want can be achieved.

Take advantage of any free consultations to discuss your specific skin conditions. The right day spa will have staff who are highly trained in specific skin treatments so check to see what consultation services they provide.

If you are requiring specialized day spa services that require a series of treatments, look for a day spa that offers a package deal. A one off treatment may be expensive compared to the pricing of a series of treatments.

By telephoning a range of day spa’s you will have a mound of information to determine if a day spa is worth the next step of visiting them in person. Choose a day spa that is keen for your business. If the day spa person is nice on the telephone, they’re well informed and keen to answer your questions and it’s easy to get a booking then take the next step.

Ask about the specialist who you will be consulting with, how skilled are they, what training have they had.

When you visit them for your initial consultation, take the opportunity to view the facility and ask about the products being used.  Quality day spas will stick within one specific product line or brand to prevent adverse reactions by crossing products. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin or allergies to herbal ingredients.

You’ll know during this consultation whether you want to continue further with that particular day spa. You’ll either like the atmosphere of the day spa and the competency of the staff or you won’t. Can they show you any testimonials of past clients? A professional business will have these on hand and they are a great guide as to the success of treatments and the day spa business.

On the day of your appointment be sure to arrive about twenty minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete questionnaires. Various treatments will have certain personal preference components and your specialist will want to know what they are so they can deliver a great service based on your own preferences.

Then sit back, or lie back, and enjoy the experience. Spa treatments are not a luxury to just waste money. A day spa performs services to help reduce stress, improve skin and muscle conditions, and enhance mental well-being. Many women and men are now taking advantage of the pleasurable, stress reducing experience of a day spa.

Choose the day spa focused on providing for the customer, you!

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