How Max7 Light Therapy Can Benefit Your Skin

by Michele Monaghan on December 7, 2009

Australia’s climate can be harsh on your skin, no matter what season it is or where you live. You could be suffering from breakouts, sun or wind damage, dryness or even skin irritation.

The good news is that this damage can be corrected, if treated right. Your skin will grow nearly 1,000 layers throughout your lifetime so you have plenty of chances to make sure it looks healthy and glowing.

So what type of treatments is designed to care for and renew your skin. One such treatment is LED light treatment using the MAX7 treatment machine.

LED light treatment uses low intensity light emitting diodes which is absorbed by the skins epidermal cells resulting in healing and a regeneration of skin cells and tissue. A huge benefit of LED is that a wide range of skin types can be treated very safely without damage to the epidermis.

How long does the procedure take? It’s about 15-30 minutes per session. Best results are achieved by undergoing a course of treatments targeted at 2 sessions per week. And you don’t have to worry about recovery time as there is no ill effects or downtime from the treatment.

What do the different lights mean?

The coloured beams of light target the dermal layers of the skin, each of the seven coloured lights (wavelengths) that Max produces is associated with specific properties, which are:

RED Anti-aging, stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates skin, increases blood flow,anti-inflammatory

ORANGE Lifts dull complexions, revitalizing, energizing, supplies healthy nutrients to skin cells, leaving the skin with a healthy radiant glow

Tightens and tones facial, neck muscles, dextoxifying and stimulates the sensory motor nervous system

GREEN Calms red skin, broken red capillaries,anti-inflammatory, rosacea, traumatized skin (sunburn), aid in fading pigmentation and uneven skin colour

AQUA Increases oxygen to the skin cells, brilliant for skin losing tone and firmness

BLUE Softens thickened skins, softens and plumps lines and wrinkles

VIOLET Anti bacterial, purifying, especially for acne skins, problem and oily skins
The blue-violet beam of light targets the exact layers of sebaceous glands where most acne bacteria reside. It causes the oxidisation of certain chemicals (Porphyrins) within the acne bacteria, breaking down their cell walls.

For best results Max 7 should be used as a course of treatments.  It compliments many of our other treatments such as Microdermabrasion, IPL, laser, Injectables, medi-peels & facials as well as pre and post Cosmetic Surgery.

Call our Day Spa now on 02 4961 3208 to book in for our consultation. We can then determine the best treatment for your skin type.

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